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Yeah, I like this
Yeah, Yeah…Yeah Yeah….
Uh-huh, Uh-huh

I took your picture,
With one particuleur…reason
And it’s to…capture your charecter
I like to sit and stare at ya
Ain’t nothing wrong with starring at ya.
Girl don’t be scared at the fact,
that I envisioned us getting married and I,
I ain’t trying to rush nothing.
Cause I ain’t rushing
I wanna take the time like
“What’s them things that move slow, you know”
Damn…I can’t think cause you on my mind.
And when you on my mind, I can’t find,
anything that rhymes with the word ‘rhyme’.
I gotta rhyme ‘rhyme’ with ‘mixture’.
And speaking of mixture,
With you, I wanna be mixed up.
I’m a record, and you’re like a record,
So lets let the D.J. mix us.
You like an elixer,
thats got me tipsy.
This is just like Ripley’s
Belive it or not, But I love you, girl.

Girl you really got me going, outta control.
I don’t know what I’m doing, let’s let it go.
And do what we do best, take of our clothes.
We look better undressed.

Bridge-repeat 2x
lets get sexy
lets get sexy
fightin’ is rightin’
fightin’ is rightin’
lets get sexy
it’s so much more exciting

for you I’m a fanatic
Fuck it I’m a addict
your sexy antics turn me on like automatic
no need to get dramatic
but I gotta have it
Give me give me give me give me
Give me some of them sexual acrobatics
Karma Sutra girl, anything that suits you girl
things you ain’t used to girl
come over here and let me show you just how willy do it
I’m a freak and you knew it
your a freak and I knew it
baby lets get to it


it’s called the S E X X X X
you take me to extasy
witout takin extasty
its exactly like extasy
when u layin right next to me
im sexin’ you
sexin you
you sexin me
sexin me
it’s feels so damn natural
wut we doin so naturally
I’m likin you rubbin’ me
and you likin me rubbin’ you
da passions emaculate
while you lovin me lovin you
I put L O V E in you
I love me puttin me in you
make love to you
just like Sergio Mendez plays the piano
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