I Don’t Like You Anymore

I Don’t Like You Anymore THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS | Testo | Inglese |

I Don’t Like You Anymore | THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS

Album: The Age of the Understatement
Data di uscita: 2008

Alex Turner / Miles Kane


I don’t like you anymore
Fallen for the phone again
Enticed me for a second time today
Only for me to realise the same

I don’t like you anymore
You’re cracked and your face is changing
You’re going down the old route
But I can’t let your repeat and repeat it again
The sound of your voice is piercing my patience
As you turn through the midnight corridors

Kindly keeping in your resent
Retire to the setting hate
Drying in an old familiar cast
Twitching as I fear it’s far too late
Cause I don’t like you anymore
(I don’t like you anymore)


And there’s nothing but corners
There is no escape from these
Walked into your trap and breathed your disease
We’re nauseous as if in the seas
And you smirk as you think that you tease
But your pout pushed us about
And your final lie can’t be described as fine
Will never be described as fine

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The Last Shadow Puppets sono un supergruppo musicale britannico formato da Alex Turner, leader del gruppo indie rock degli Arctic Monkeys e Miles Kane, ex-leader del gruppo The Rascals ed ex-chitarrista dei Little Flames, ora solista. Alla batteria sono accompagnati dal loro amico e produttore James Ford, mentre al basso da Zach Dawes dei Mini Mansions.

L’album di debutto, intitolato The Age of the Understatement è stato pubblicato il 21 aprile 2008 in Inghilterra trainato dal singolo omonimo.
Il 20 gennaio viene annunciato il nome dell’album, Everything You’ve Come to Expect, e la data d’uscita, 1º aprile 2016. (WIKIPEDIA)



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