ALBUM: TOMMY  [1969]

Amazing Journey THE WHO

Testo e Traduzione

[Verse 1]
Deaf, dumb and blind boy
He’s in a quiet vibration land
Strange as it seems
His musical dreams
Ain’t quite so bad

Ten years old
With thoughts as bold
As thought can be
Loving life and becoming wise
In simplicity

Sickness can surely take the mind
Where minds can’t usually go
Come on the amazing journey
And learn all you should know

[Verse 2]
A vague haze of delirium
Creeps up on me
All at once a tall stranger
I suddenly see
He’s dressed in a silver-sparked
Glittering gown
And his golden beard flows
Nearly down to the ground

Nothing to say, and nothing to hear
And nothing to see
Each sensation makes a note
In my symphony


His eyes are the eyes
That transmit all they know
Sparkle warm crystalline glances to show
That he is your leader
And he is your guide
On the amazing journey together you’ll ride
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